Film Graphics

Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel

News graphics and chyrons.


The individual news elements were animated by Andrew Jensen of Red Grass Media.


Background plates for chroma key footage.

02SurgeGrab002 AugurLairA
02SurgeGrab002 AugurLairAComp
03SurgeGrab003 AugurLairB
03SurgeGrab004 AugurLairBComp
03SurgeGrab004 AugurLairBz

Book covers, composited photographs and a newspaper front page for set dressing.

05SurgeGrab010A FAM E2
06SurgeGrab009 FAMD
08SurgeGrab011A FAM F1

Customized smartphone graphics.

07SurgeGrab012 PHONESCREEN

Industrial-style signage.

09SurgeGrab013 LAIRSIGN

Prop business cards… with a working phone number (Thanks, Google Voice).

10SurgeGrab013 BIZCARD

White Elephant - Lexerot Entertainment

Custom coupon.

20WhiteElephant001 COUPON

DVD cases.

24WhiteElephant002 MM
23WhiteElephant003 RZB
22WhiteElephant004 POST
21WhiteElephant005 SANTA

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